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You know how asthma can affect daily living. Asthmatic patients have to rely on inhalers and medicines to control their condition. A chiropractic care offers a drug-free way, in combination with traditional medical therapy, will help control asthma and its particular symptoms.

What does the spine have to do with breathing?
Based on researchers, brain-spine communication is critical for normal immune and respiratory function. Whenever a chiropractor makes spinal adjustments, he or she will open the message pathways that creates a healthier respiratory system.

A growing body of studies suggest that spinal manipulations by a chiropractor can be an effective strategy for asthma:

  1.  A overview of eight published studies discovered that some asthma patients receiving chiropractic care reported a higher quality of life.
  2. A recent study noted that asthma patients who received spinal manipulation reported a development in symptoms, and also a lesser level of depression and anxiety. Additional testing indicated that the patients had lesser levels on the stress-inducing hormone cortisol after the treatments.
  3. Researchers at University found that asthma patients who were given three months of chiropractic care reported less-severe symptoms and increased quality of life. The patients who received spinal manipulations also reported fewer uses of these emergency inhalers.

Remember that asthma is known as a serious condition, and you should always visit your primary-care doctor before discontinuing medications. Also make sure your primary care physician is aware of any complementary care you get having a chiropractor or other provider.
A chiropractor has got the possible ways to reduce the total number of attacks a person suffers. If you live with asthma, attempt to add chiropractic care for your treatment protocol.