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Premenstral Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is characterized by moodiness, swollen abdomen, headaches, lower back pain, craving for food, fatigue, irritability or depression in the days before a woman’s monthly period. The severity of these symptoms can range from mild to incapacitating and could last from a couple of days to 2 weeks.

It has been estimated that three of every four menstruating women experience some form of premenstrual syndrome, and it is more likely to trouble women on their late 20s to early 40s. Between 10-20% of all the women experience symptoms that are severe or disabling.

Premenstral Syndrome is assumed to be a side-effect of hormonal changes during the monthly menstrual period and can become worse by stress, decreased serotonin levels in the brain and subluxations within the lower back.

Though the chiropractic care cannot fix the way in which the body responds to the hormonal changes that preceed menstruation, several studies show that it can help decrease most of the signs of PMS without the potential side effects of prescribed drugs. Because the nerves that exit the lower back are responsible for regulating the tissues on the lower abdomen, any pressure or irritation that can be alleviated through the chiropractic care can be helpful.

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