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Ear Infections

Much like the maggots in the pile of garbage, bacteria thrive in unhealthy tissue. Similar to bacteria, are nothing a lot more than scavengers. While antibiotics may temporarily kill some bad bacteria (as well as good bacteria), antibiotics don’t get as to what is causing the garbage from the start.

Ear infections are a problem with millions of families every year and also are the most frequent reason for outpatient antibiotic therapy. In truth, the number one reason parents take their children for the pediatrician is always to investigate an earache. The cost of this treatment has been estimated to exceed billions annually.

Otitis Media (OM) is definitely an inflammation of the area behind the eardrum known as tympanic membrane, within the middle ear. Common symptoms are ear pain, ear fullness, or hearing difficulties. Toddlers and infants could be irritable or experience difficulty sleeping, eating or hearing. Fever can be present.

The most common medical approach for OM is antibiotics taken orally to cure the bacteria accumulation inside the ear. As antibiotic effectiveness wanes many children undergo surgery to insert tympanostomy tubes inside the eardrum, that helps drain the fluid build-up. A percentage of babies will undergo surgery to take out the adenoids after repeated bouts of OM.

Researcher believe that the main cause of OM is eustachian tube dysfunction. The eustachian tube connects the particular middle ear to the throat; it ventilates and equalizes pressure to the middle ear. If poor drainage exists, fluid can build up, as well as the eardrum will be inflamed and bulging. At that time, the fluid-filled middle ear could become a breeding ground for bacteria.

If the actual cause of OM comes from inadequate drainage, treating an ear infection with antibiotics is like trying to rid your back yard of mosquitoes by pouring poison into the puddles of standing water in your yard. When the watery breeding grounds were emptied instead of poisoned, the pests would not be able to appear in the first place.

Many studies are now showing that the medical approach to treating OM with antibiotics, tubes and adenoid surgeries isn’t an effective way of treatment. Based on the Journal on the American Medical Association, children who took Amoxicillin for chronic OM were 2-6 times more likely to make a recurrence compared to the children who received a placebo.

If the issue is poor drainage it seems to make sense to insert tubes into a child’s eardrum in order to release the fluid with in the ear. Although tubes do help release middle ear fluid and pressure, they neglect to address the reason for the fluid build-up, eustachian tube dysfunction. Surgical tube usage is a lot like bailing water out once it has reached the sinks edge, rather than clearing the clogged drain.

Antibiotics, research has indicated that tubes are usually expensive, ineffective and harmful. It’s concluded that the use of ventilation tubes in children with primary secretory OM is not justified. Observation shows that only a small portion requires surgical treatment on the middle ear. A ventilation tube could be suggested for order to combat hearing problems, but it should be remembered that its use involves a high risk of complications and sequelae which may cause chronic middle ear disease.

Parents need to have with knowledge and recognize the danger involved with antibiotics and surgeries, exactly what are their options? Can Chiropractic care treat OM? I have already been asked this question often. The solution is that Chiropractic doesn’t directly treat the soreness, the fluid develop, or even the bacteria accumulation in OM like medical treatments do. It works by bringing proper function to the central nervous system. Because the nerves exit between the bones of the backbone, proper alignment is necessary for a person to function normally and optimally. A misaligned vertebra may result in nerve dysfunction. If spinal nerves are irritated and they also relate with drainage of the ear, The chiropractic care helps by realigning the spine with gentle adjustments specifically made for the children. This restored nervous system function helps with correcting the eustachian tube dysfunction and revitalizing the immune system to heal the inner ear.

How does a child’s spine becomes misaligned is usually unknown. It could be from the child’s position in utero or through the birth process. The little one may fall while learning to walk or during play. Sitting all day long in school or carrying a heavy backpack can also cause spinal misalignment. What causes spinal misalignments are often obtained in normal day to day activities. A Chiropractic check-up just before the child starts exhibiting the the signs of OM could prevent a child and the parents from many years of suffering from insomnia and lots of money in ineffective therapies.

Given the information we now have about these dangers and ineffectiveness of typical medical treatment, we have been faced with a vital decision. Chirpratic’s approach is different; it seeks to fix the main problem of impaired nervous system function, rather than treating the resulting symptoms. As a parent we strive to do the very best for our own children. We could choose to continue down the old path of  “sick care” or transfer to the way forward for “medical care” with our little childs evaluated by the Chiropractor.