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Iron Hand Component 1

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Iron Hand Q&A With Sigung Richard Clear Component 1

Q. What is the record of your iron palm training?

A. My Original instructor was Tyrone Jackson that was the senior devotee of Dr Fred Wu. Dr Wu was a senior devotee under Lee Ying-Arng. Lee Ying-Arng was a fantastic and excellent Kung Fu Master from the last generation who at some point resided in Hong Kong. There he was the President of the Inner System Martial Arts Association, President of the Hong Kong Acupuncture Research study Center, as well as Vice President of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Organization. He was a Chiropractor as well as Acupuncture and examined Wu Tang Martial art, Internal Arts as well as Dim Mak consisting of Dian-hsuhe (Delayed fatality touch) from many renowned Masters. He was a senior devotee under Yang Chen Fu and examined Mind Fist (Yee Chuan/I-Chuan) from Teacher Wang Shian-Jie the Creator of I-Chuan. He researched Dim Mak and also Dian-hsuhe for over 10 years.

In 1968 Lee wrote the book “Iron Palm in 100 Days” that was reprinted about six times. Because publication Lee describes various variations as well as institutions of Iron Hand training as well as other specialized interior hand methods that he instructed as well as Lee discusses how to educate numerous techniques of Iron Palm. In his book Lee shows a section of the “Yi Chin Ching or Sinew Altering” classic temple composition as well as he clarifies that the standard has a section which clarifies an Iron Palm training technique similar to the “direct” or Straight technique.

I began training in Martial art in 1979 and also I began training with Tyrone Jackson in 1984. One of the initial things that Tyrone did was to aid me change the Martial art types I already had and make them a lot more suitable for Dim Mak striking methods and also positioning. This consisted of discovering the points and also meridians and Iron Palm.

… To be continued in “Iron Palm Part 2”